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HostGator Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is HostGator Web Hosting? A common problem among bloggers and website owners is finding a reliable host. Let's face it; there are lots of web hosts that claim they are the best but only interested in taking your money. A bad host can create a serious problem for any website owner, and that's why it's very important to have...

Hetzner Online Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is Hetzner Online Hosting? Hetzner Online web hosting is an interactive service provider that provides information on various services pertaining to website utilization and use. Hetzner Online was founded in the year 1997 and has a variety of clients both in the private and public sectors. The infrastructure is modern and adequate for the solutions provided. Their assets include...

iFastNet Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is iFastNet Hosting? iFastNet provides a wide variety of web hosting and domain registration related services at a number of price points suited to all budgets. The company has been offering quality services for some time and has built up quite a number of satisfied customers. Providing an interesting combination of a good feature set and competitive pricing, iFastNet is...

1and1 Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is 1and1 Web Hosting? Every day new web hosting service providers are coming out claiming to be the best. Of course, each one has something they specialized on. Some of these sites have ridiculously low prices to attract new customers and charge them heavily when it’s time to renew their hosting. Low prices should not be the only factor in determining...

50Webs Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is 50Webs Hosting? 50Webs is a new hosting company for a new age of web hosting needs. It tries to break new ground in the web hosting industry in response to the new needs and situations of the 21st century. This is the day and age of start-up companies and most of them require at least some web based...

NameCheap Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is NameCheap Hosting? NameCheap has been around since the year 2000 when it was founded by owner-CEO Richard Kirkendall. An ICANN-accredited domain registrar and hosting service, NameCheap has many customers and manages 5 million-plus domains. You can either purchase a domain just by itself or point it to another host, or you can buy both a domain and hosting right...

Kinsta Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is Kinsta Web Hosting? Web hosting services are an integral part of the internet. Nowadays, there are many web hosting companies in the market. Kinsta is one of those companies and in a little time, it has become one of the key players in this industry. Therefore, we decided to write this Kinsta reviews to provide insight into the Kinsta...

HostPapa Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is HostPapa Web Hosting? The website has now been an essential for every business organization. Web hosting provides the businesses storage space and platform to host websites. In this regard, the HostPapa web hosting can be an optimal choice for you to get started. The primary goal of the HostPapa hosting is to provide its customers with the best web...

ServerMania Reviews 2022, Server Provider and Customer Support

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What is ServerMania Hosting? ServerMania is a server provider that offers the possibility for a user to create and manage a hosting environment. ServerMania is not really a "hosting" provider, they are more on server provider. To know more on this part, feel free to read my conversation with their support at the end of this post. However, to avoid...

TMDHosting Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is TMDHosting? TMDHosting was established in 2007. Since then it has earned the trust of customers and provides them with effective and efficient web hosting services. TMDHosting has web hosting services that are among the best available. They offer open source applications to their clients that are helpful in a variety of ways. The system administration helps their users to maintain...
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Cloudways Reviews 2022, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

What is Cloudways Hosting? Cloudways is not a new player in the web hosting business. However, with a newly launched logo and overhauled interface, the...